Holbrecht bvba

In 1947, just after the 2nd World war, Herman Holbrecht turns his business in straw and hay into a business of dismissed army material. In july 1959 Holbrecht Ltd is founded, initially established in Stationstraat at Lebbeke. In 1960 manager Herman Holbrecht decided to extend his company at the Brusselsesteenweg 244 at Lebbeke.

The bigger stock-yard and the better location will benefit the company. In 1983 Herman decides to buy the former building “furnishing company Walraevens” in the Rossevaalstraat in Lebbeke. This with the purpose to provide his company with rent income by renting several hangars in the building. In 1993, after a car accident of Mr Herman Holbrecht, his son Eddy Holbrecht was appointed manager. With the help of his grandson and his hard work for the company, they decided also to appoint Yves to expand the company together with his father. Together they specialize in buying and selling second hand trucks, trailers, aircompressors,generator-sets, escavators, cranes, forklifts and spare parts.

A new chapter is written in 2016, when Yves Holbrecht, sole manager in the meantime, moves the company Holbrecht Ltd. to a brand new location in the nearby industrial area d’Helst. Father Eddy Holbrecht goes into retirement.


Holbrecht bvba
D'Helst 17
B-9280, Lebbeke

Tel: +3252356042
E-mail: info@holbrecht.be